"Overview" I tried to capture the full view of this portion of the garden because it looked interesting to me, i like the way green covers most of the photo and is the primary color of this image while there are still a few elements to it involved.
"Outline" I really like how this image goes fromdark shadowed walls on the top to light reflected leaves at the bottom. Also the color of the flower is really nice to me plus the big element of this photo to me is the way the sun gives sort of an outline to the flower.
"Palm Springs" I like the contrast and how the color of the inner section of the tree stands out, also I enjoy photographing these kinds of trees because of the way they grow/look. 
"Rivers Reflector" This image is interesting to me because it sort of splits the photo in half with the reflection the river gives off, i also like that the river distorts the image in a way. "Entrance" The sort of opening hole in this image gives…
This picture is of my sister on her 13th birthday. I chose to include this picture for my "Quintessence of life" because it portrays true happiness and family time. Which are very important aspects of life. Also, i believe this is a good photo for this project because it is her birthday, which is a very important part of everyone's life.

Album Cover

For my images I used a portrait of me and a picture of a skull, I cropped the portrait to a 16x16 and cut half of the skulls face out and matched it up with mine I used the darken blending options on the overall picture I changed the opacity on the skull when I put it over my face to give it the effect as if it was mine and you could see my skull, I also changed the opacity on the squares and text so they the whites wouldn't be so bright and stick out. I used bevel and emboss on my text to give it an effect with multiple colors around it
These are some of my favorite pictures that I entered for atpi, I've learned that I like more of open photography and environmental portraits. Another thing ive learned is that I like artistic edits on photos and a good amount of depth with black and white pictures.
Open; the sharpness with the blacks and whites
Environmental Portrait; I like this edit because i turned it into a painting and i like how the sky looks different from the water
Cell Phone: i think the reflection is the strong point, especially for an iphone picture
Open; i like the colors i used for this photo and i liked the chilis and ice cubes used
Environmental Portrait; I like this photo because of its creativity and i would definitely like to retake this
Open; I like how i set this picture up and the different colors used
Open; I took this last year at a field trip and i like the darks and drawings on the papers adding something to the photo
I like this picture because I like the way the vines grew and how I made the shadows like stretch and made the picture darker than it originally was  This picture has a cartoon edit and I like the colors it gave and how subtle yet noticeable the edit is I like the contrast and clarity on this pictures because it brings out details and odd colors This photo is more simple than my other ones but i like the shadows all around and the different grey and black contrasts I like this one because it reminds me of a painting and i like the river and sky

favorite 5 end of year

I like this one because it is a combination of most of the photoshop skills i learned throughout the year such as drawing with .a brush, layer distortions, and using the mixture brush

This one is one of my favorites because i like the way the colors are and they appear soft and smooth and they make e think of beach

This one of the building and the trees is a good picture in my opinion because i like the way the green and the blue and cream color off of the building go together well and how i got the building, rode, trees and sky in the picture

My favorite thing about this picture was that i changed the sky somewhat purple and it adds more to the picture instead of a plain basic trees with a building picture

The reflection in this picture makes it strong and i liked how i captured the duck with it and how the low contrast colors look